Leonis Barbam, since 2014

Leonis Barbam is the first and still only Belgian beard brand.

When former owner Jeroen Janssens founded Leonis Barbam in 2014, he had only one focus: creating the best beard brand you could ever want. Everyone focused on fragrances, while our main concern was to create a product that really takes care of the beard and skin.

Leonis Barbam offers you high-quality beard oil and beard balm, but has since expanded the line with hair care, pomades and accessories. Discover the range in the beard webshop.

Meet the owners

Since 2020, Leonis Barbam moved to Kortrijk to let a new wind blow through the brand after a strong rebranding. New owners, new energy and above all a lot of enthusiasm!

Jurgen Holvoet

Bearded man, communications guy, nature person, father of 2, moped warrior, Bearded Villain member and owner of a small single-chair barbershop since 2015

Melissa De Lombaerde

Not so bearded woman, logistics & purchase miracle, dog and beard lover, plant expert, earth explorer (as in traveler) & fascinated by everything that has to do with nature.

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