The Leonis Barbam beard oil comes in a bottle with a handy pump. You pump an amount of beard oil into your palm 1 or 2 times. The amount of beard oil you use depends on the length of your beard. You distribute the beard oil over both palms and massage the beard oil into the beard: from the root of your beard hair to the tips. Feel free to massage your skin with it and finish your beard with a comb or beard brush.

Some beard oil left on your hands? No problem: you can massage your face, your hair or your tattoos with it. The Leonis Barbam beard oil is a natural product and therefore takes care of your hair and skin.

What’s in the Leonis Barbam beard oil?

Leonis Barbam beard oil is based on the epic hexagon of argan, jojoba, coconut, grape seed, peach kernel and sweet almond oil. Our natural beard oil offers a well-balanced combination of natural oils that nourish the beard and skin from the inside and outside. The high amounts of vitamin E and omega fatty acids in our beard oil strengthen the beard hair roots and give the beard a natural healthy shine. A Leonis Barbam beard oil soothes the skin under the beard and puts an end to itching and flaky or dry skin.

How do you use beard oil in the barbershop?

A beard oil is the finishing touch to the beard trim or the maintenance of the beard: after taming the beard, we ask the customer’s preference and we finish the beard with one of the Leonis Barbam beard oils or the Leonis Barbam x BVBE beard oil.

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