Our stockists are important partners in the Leonis Barbam story. They join our Lion’s Tribe and help to Beard That Lion In The Den. We would like to put them in the spotlight by telling their story and highlight our unique partnership. Next up: Mister Raman Barbershop, Belgium.

Tell us about you…

I’m Christoph, owner of Mister Raman Barbershop.

I learned the trade in the Netherlands at the Barberschool under the guidance of Joost Mulleman. Joost taught me the tricks of the trade and gave me a completely different view of men’s cutting. After my education he gave me the opportunity to teach at the Barberschool as well. That was also a huge learning process! 4 years ago I decided to open my own shop.

What’s the story of Mister Raman?

I opened Mister Raman Barbershop in Kalken in 2016 and this has been a great success to date! Our shop is accessible to everyone. We strive to give every customer a sleek haircut that fits him and also stays tight for several weeks.

I can do what I love to do every day and my clients appreciate my work. That’s all I need to give the best of myself every day and to keep innovating!

Why did you choose Leonis Barbam?

I have some customers who are members of the Bearded Villains. They were full of praise for Leonis Barbam. We tested the products in the shop and were immediately convinced!

What’s your favorite Leonis Barbam product and why?

I love the beard balms! They are easy to handle and yet sturdy enough to give your beard a sleek shape.

Anything you want to share with the world?

Believe in yourself & do what you love to do! Do it for the 100% or don’t do it.

Thanks Christophe for sharing your story and supporting the Leonis Barbam way of living.  Let’s roar in that jungle! Check out the full range of Leonis Barbam products online or support your local Leonis Barbam stockist. Want to join The Lion’s Tribe? Get in touch!

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