Our stockists are important partners in the Leonis Barbam story. They join our Lion’s Tribe and help to Beard That Lion In The Den. We would like to put them in the spotlight by telling their story and highlight our unique partnership. First up: Clothilde from Aalst (Belgium).

Tell us about you…

We’re Chloé and Dries. A power couple from Aalst.

Chloé is an ex finance consultant with a passion for all natural beauty products and the slow beauty lifestyle. Slow beauty is the lifestyle where all beauty ideals start with healthy and vibrant skin and hair instead of finding beauty ideals in color, size, shape,…  Slow Beauty also means a lifestyle that allows everyone to make their own beauty standard. Dries is a brand strategist who loves building brands by using the psychological insight in consumer behavior. What is the real need for a consumer to buy a product or service? Dries knows!

Tell us about your shop/store…

Clothilde is a curated beauty store with organic, vegan and sustainable products for him and her. The story of Clothilde started in the summer of 2019 with a competition to win a free pop-up location in the centre of Aalst City. The council payed (together with Unizo) the rent for 5 months and whoever came up with the best idea could test their concept for free. We won the damn thing. Shit, now what? In 4 weeks time we’ve build the brand, renovated the shop and build a webshop (Whilst Dries was still doing his normal dayjob.) It was an intense period but we pulled it off to open both shops in 1 week time. We’ve been open 6 days out of 7 (in december 7/7) ever since.

Our way of working is determined by the slow beauty philosophy. This philosophy starts with a healthy skin and hair and this is different for everyone. Our first goal with every client is to find the products that fit their type of skin or hair. This personal approach takes a lot of time and investing in really listening to our customers and, together with them, find out what their individual problems, issues, needs,… are and combine those with the right products.


Back in the days Chloé had a sustainable fashion brand with handmade knitwear from Peru. At a creators fair Chloé had a stand next to the founders of Leonis Barbam, that’s where the connection was made. As we have a sustainable beauty store one of our key elements to select brands is the proximity. If there’s a high quality Belgian brand offering a certain type of products, they will always win it from a foreign competitor. As Leonis Barbam is both Belgian quality and organically produced, there was no other brand we took into consideration.

What’s your favorite Leonis Barbam product and why?

The Silver & Black Beard oil, for the smell of it and the amount of happy customers.

Anything you want to share with the world?

The world is filled with beauty full stories.   Thanks Chloé & Dries for sharing your story and supporting the Leonis Barbam way of living.  Let’s roar in that jungle! Check out the full range of Leonis Barbam products online or support your local Leonis Barbam stockist. Want to join The Lion’s Tribe? Get in touch!

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